I offer you no details on anything, but I worked at Bain so it must be a good idea.

Summer Internship for Web Development/Programming with a local start-up. 

Please see details offered below by one of the company’s founders, Matthew xxxxxxx, and visit PennLink (ID xxxxxxxxxxxx) to apply.


I am launching a new business this summer and am looking to bring on to the team (at least) one web developer / programmer. 
Who we are:  I am a first year MBA student at Wharton. I and one of my classmates are working to start a web-based company here in Philadelphia. We will be targeting small and medium sized companies, aiming to save them money to be able to better compete with large businesses.  Our plan is to launch locally, but to build a platform that can be leveraged at the national or international level.   Both founders have strategy consulting (at Bain and BCG) experience working in the US and Latin America across a broad array of industries. 

Who we are looking for:  Web developers / programmers in the Penn community.  We need hard-working and creative individuals to help us design, develop, program and launch a beta version of our website.  We are looking for students willing to work either part or full time this summer that will ideally be based in the Philadelphia area for the summer.

What we have to offer:  Aside from being able to offer an exciting, early stage start-up working environment we are committed to knowledge sharing across our team.  We want to be involved in the technical side of the business and intend to include more technical team members in the business side as well.  Financial compensation is negotiable, but we ideally will align incentives via some sort of equity-sharing model.

If you’re interested, please visit our post on PennLink, ID xxxxx, to apply.