Hi CIS community,

I’m looking for a tech co-founder and engineers for my start-up. My startup is the ultimate legal online interactive sports betting exchange where members can bet at odds set by other members (rather than by a bookie) and compete in customizable fantasy sports pools. Because I feel a tech co-founder is so unbelievably valuable to my company, I’m looking to give equity AS WELL AS an hourly salary ($15-25/hr) to write code (or a to-be-determined-upon-discussion objective). My partner and I concentrate in Entrepreneurship in Wharton. A while back we received great interest from some CIS engineers who were willing to work with us in the future - that time is now. Our feedback from specialized Wharton professors has primarily been something that of “Wow” or “If this is done the right way, the potential revenue stream is ginormous”.  I’d love to further discuss the startup in detail in person upon request. Message me if your interested.

Happy studying,