As the product fails, time commitment will decrease.


We are two Wharton MBA students seeking to launch a web startup this semester to that end, we are looking for talented programmers who are interested in joining  our team as soon as possible. Despite the somewhat formal nature of this message, we are fun, sociable people who want to have a pleasant working environment as we will be spending a fair amount of time together. We would love to talk further with you this week if you are interested: our goal is to close recruiting by the end of this month and launch by the end of the quarter.

Commitment: We are targeting several hours a week on average from all parties involved. Prior to launch, the time commitment will likely be higher but will decrease later on. We are results driven so exact work schedules can be flexible. There is a potential for this opportunity to extend into the summer or next year as well, depending on the venture's success. Next steps: If you are interested, please respond on pennlaunch or email me at the following address with times that you are free to meet this weekend or next week: XXX We would be happy to discuss concept and execution details further but will require signing a confidentiality agreement first.

Many thanks, XXX XXX