We don’t want a developer, we want a GOD!

_________ is a startup marketing company that seeks to use web
technology to help us all have a greater impact in our home communities.
We live at the intersection of branding, sustainability, social purpose,
and technology. 

We’re looking for a superstar developer/programmer/coder to help create
a web application that utilizes Google, Twitter, and Facebook APIs to
combine social networking with information tracking and database management.

This superstar is:

• Strongly experienced building scalable and maintainable code in LAMP
or an equivalent environment (Ruby on Rails, etc.).

• Intensely interested in creating real and measurable value.

• A responsible, hard working and systematic person that gets joy out of
their work.

 A gifted database architect that can apply creative solutions with
real world applications.

• An incredibly gifted programmer that gets work done twice as fast and
three times cleaner than their peers.

• Brilliant and big-hearted.

• A hands-on implementer, but has the patience to create great spec.