I’d love to help, but I’m not taking The Right Codes until the Spring.

Dear ________, 

My name is ___________ and I am currently a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences here at Penn. I have recently become involved in co-founding a very exciting start up company that is set to launch at Penn in the upcoming Spring Semester: an online service that we believe Penn Students (and eventually students across the country) would benefit immensely from and a business venture that will be largely successful within a few months of its launch.

I am e-mailing you because we recently finalized all of the ideas and mechanisms for moving forward with this venture and we are now at the stage of looking for a student (Graduate or Undergraduate; preferably a Penn student) who can code the website and become part of our start up team in the upcoming fall semester. This student needs to be an expert at HTML and proficient at Java. Essentially, the description for the job is as simple as this: the student needs to be familiar enough with the right codes to establish a website that resembles any other complex social networking systems that are widely used today. The student needs to be aware that this will be no easy task, and that time input into this project will be necessary; however the rewards for doing so will be enormous, as we are willing to provide equity in the venture in exchange for these services. Details for this venture must remain undisclosed for the time being; however, students who apply will receive more information about this Start Up during the interview process.  

As a the _______________ I was hoping that you could forward this to all of your engineering student e-mail lists in which you believe students may have the qualifications or capabilities of performing this task or would be interested in joining this venture. For any students that are interested in applying for the position, please tell them to send a resume and a short e-mail description of their qualifications to ___________. Again, because of the high rewards associated with this venture I am sure there will be substantial interest in this position, so anyone who is interested needs to contact me ASAP. We are looking to fill the position by the end of the month at the LATEST. If any student has any questions or concerns please tell them to e-mail me or call me at ___________

Thank you for all you help!