Hi CIS community,

I’m looking for a tech co-founder and engineers for my start-up. My startup is the ultimate legal online interactive sports betting exchange where members can bet at odds set by other members (rather than by a bookie) and compete in customizable fantasy sports pools. Because I feel a tech co-founder is so unbelievably valuable to my company, I’m looking to give equity AS WELL AS an hourly salary ($15-25/hr) to write code (or a to-be-determined-upon-discussion objective). My partner and I concentrate in Entrepreneurship in Wharton. A while back we received great interest from some CIS engineers who were willing to work with us in the future - that time is now. Our feedback from specialized Wharton professors has primarily been something that of “Wow” or “If this is done the right way, the potential revenue stream is ginormous”.  I’d love to further discuss the startup in detail in person upon request. Message me if your interested.

Happy studying,


We can also pay you in chickens

Drupal Development Position


Deadline to apply: 3/31/2011


The [redacted] manages [redacted] using Drupal, an open source content management system. We are looking for a student worker to help manage the site, make module updates, analyze reports, optimize performance, and build new features and functionality. Drupal experience is required. Hours: 10-15 per week Salary: $9 per hour Proficiencies: • CSS • PHP • HTML • Drupal • MySQL • Photoshop • XML/KML/RSS • JQuery & JavaScript


Please email a cover letter and resume to  [redacted]. Include examples of work and references.

Wanted: Expert in everything on this laundry list

Penn startup looking to build team rapidly (April 9, 2011)

[Redacted] is a new startup that helps local merchants launch, run and manage their loyalty programs through a sophisticated yet user-friendly technological platform. We are looking for our #4, 5 and 6 employees, people that skilled in and passionate about product development, and excited about the prospect of working in a high-energy startup environment starting this summer. We plan to develop and test our product this summer.

Who we are: [Redacted] was founded by three Wharton MBA’s earlier this year, and has seed funding. We have experience in telecommunications, internet startups, strategy consulting, marketing, private equity and venture capital investing.

What we’re looking for: We already have our first technical co-founder, and are looking to build our team to rapidly bring our product and service to market. You will lead development of core program architecture and infrastructure, integrate system components (hardware/software), and work with external vendors, as appropriate.

In addition to experience in software development, we are looking for expertise in the areas of database development, algorithm development and short-range wireless communications (RFID). You must be an expert in at least 2 or 3 of the following languages with working knowledge of the other languages: C, C++, PHP, MySQL (MS SQL), Javascript, JavaSE, Java J2ME, J2ME Polish, Python, Django, html and css.

This is not for everybody.You must have a track record of building or developing from scratch, and the ability to generate the vision needed to go from Point A to Point B. We will pay you compensation but will expect you to feel and act like a co-owner in the venture.

What we need from you

If this opportunity appeals to you and you think that you’re the right person for this, please send the following to [redacted] as soon as possible:

   * Resume (as attachment)
   * Statement of Interest including the following (please be brief for
     each question):
         o Why you’re interested in this opportunity
         o Why you’re the right person for this opportunity
         o An example of something you’ve built, developed or designed
           from scratch
         o An example of when you collaborated with others (can be same
           example above)
   * Name and Contact Info of two references
         o At least one should be somebody who has managed you in some
           capacity (e.g. faculty advisor, former supervisor or project
           manager etc.)

Note: If you’re looking for a summer internship, please tell us so.

For those lacking entrepreneurship in their lives

A new Penn startup is looking for a Junior or Senior studying either DMD or CIS who is interested in building a software over the next 2-3 months. This is a part-time gig (we’re looking for full-time students) and, if hired, you will take on the role as co-founder & CTO of a software company that will revolutionize the space of purchasing clothing online. If you are interested, please e-mail your resume to [redacted] for more information. This software will be huge and has already been pitched to VC’s and Angels, so if you’re lacking Entrepreneurship in your life and want to get involved before you graduate, contact us soon!

The Sincerity is in the Backslashes


My name\'s
[Redacted], and I\'m starting a chemical-free skin care company called [Redacted]. A large portion of the proceeds—I\'m currently thinking 50% of net profits—will go to charity, and the money will be allocated by an online voting system.

This online voting system is intended to be a major driver of awareness about the brand. Full integration with social media (mostly facebook) will be vital to capture the full potential.

For example, if people connect with facebook, and get 3 friends to connect with
[Redacted], they might get $1 off and an extra vote on the system.

I\'m looking for someone who can set up this backend for me, and come up with more creative ideas than this. I\'m looking for someone with experience with the facebook API and managing databases. I may also want a database system set up to manage ecommerce, purchase history, etc.

If this sounds exciting to you, you have time to commit to this within the next few weeks and over the summer, and you think you\'re up to the task, hit me back and we can set up an interview.



Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey is Hiring

Ever since launch, WSCM has received an astonishing amount of positive feedback from the engineering community at Penn and beyond. After speaking to a couple of highly-placed (but anonymous) advisors, we’ve decided to take the project to another level.

We’re officially ready to announce several openings for a CTO and/or summer interns to help us build out our (confidential) vision for what the site can become. We aren’t ready to talk about the ‘space’ yet, but you can be sure that we’re entering a multi-billion-dollar industry, and we’re going to change the world in a very substantial way. We can’t pay you, but rest assured that compensation can be discussed at a later point.

Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey started as a humble Tumblr blog as an inside joke between a couple of CS students at Penn. If you’re as passionate about this venture as we are, email jobs@whartoniteseekscodemonkey.com with your resume, cover letter, head-shot and favourite WSCM post.

- The Founding Team

PS - as a side note, we’re also looking for funding. Email executive.chairman@whartoniteseekscodemonkey.com if interested.

Intellectual History and also work for me.

My name's XX and I'm Wharton Entrepreneurship Ambassador sophomore majoring in entrepreneurship and intellectual history.

I'm working on XXXX right now and are you interested in fine tuning the website with programming or helping with marketing by any chance?


subject: “work with renown computer scientist”

I am conducting a confidential search on behalf of my client, a high-profile, executive and co-founder of a global software company, who is seeking to hire an exceptional, Software Engineer and Computer Science honors graduate from a leading University (Stanford preferred).
In this unique role, you will work and collaborate with one of the industry’s top computer scientists to create new and innovative smart home solutions that will include integrating and automating a mobile phone system, and extending the capabilities of a variety of home environment technologies such as energy management, lighting, audio/video and security systems. It is essential that you possess a high degree of creativity and ability to think outside the box; talent and skill in product conception, definition and delivery; software design and development; critical thinking; innovation; and ability to execute. In addition, you should be self-motivated; able to set and meet aggressive delivery schedules; and possess strong interpersonal, verbal/listening communication, teamwork and collaboration skills.  Experience with Linux systems administration and Android software a plus.

Peanuts or Less. Srsly?

Could you possibly refer me to a programmer/application expert? I need a dedicated soul who would be willing to work for peanuts or less.

Thanks- ‘all about the sweat equity’ 

Minimum Wage Architect

System Architect Intern/part-time for NAME WITHHELD

(an ANON CORP. company)

Position Title: Social media start-up system engineer, architect


Company Description:

  • NAME WITHHELD is a total media intelligence service that combines state- of- the- art natural language processing and data mining technology with subject matter-experts who analyze digital conversation to create profitable insights for our clients.  The intelligence enables its clients to capitalize on revenue opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, benchmark against its competition and proactively support buyers and its reputation.  NAME WITHHELD is built with research from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where students and academics used the platform to focus on the more meaningful metrics and proofs of performance in a total media strategy. 
  • Owned by ANON CORP. with a 14-year history of customized outsourced services across broad range of industries
    • Respected industry leader in back office support and service fueled by the strongest social media talent
    • Expert team of decision-makers with the knowledge and understanding of the online world, user capabilities, and behavior
    • Honored by INC magazine as top 5000 fastest growing companies in 2009
    • A trusted ally supporting America’s largest companies with back-office support services
    • Meaningful investment and operating influence in OfficeArrow.com -  world’s first online social networking and ecommerce community for office professionals
    • Advanced outsourced partner for growing communications related services and call center applications

Website Address: www.namewithheld.com  |  www.anoncorp.com 

Qualifications and Experience:

Technical Requirements – Programming

1.     Development Environment

a.     Microsoft Visual Studio

b.    Microsoft SQL Server

c.     Unit testing

d.    SOA

e.     ORM

2.     Web Development

a.     ASP.NET using

b.    HTML

c.     Java Script

3.     Business Layer Development – C# (C Sharp)

4.     Database

a.     Linq

b.    Microsoft T-SQL and Stored Procedures

5.     In addition to a technical interview process, all applicants must pass a criminal background check


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the development of architecture for media intelligence start-up
  • Develop code and API integrations
  • Q&A
  • Add to the intellectual growth of the company


Hours: Part-time: 20 hrs/wk (flexible)

Wage: $10/hr (Based on Experience)

Location: Remote