If you can build customerization, we have an opportunity to working for the company

What is the project:

On line fashion retail shop targeting at male apparel with extensive consumer interaction and customerization.

Who are needed:

Website designer and programming. Whoever have built and can build websites.

What is the prize:

$1500 with the opportunity to working for the company

Who to contact : [more information will be available]


Brevity is the soul of startups

I am a Penn graduate student looking for entrepreneurial programmers for my startup.


     Programmers experienced in Website Development and E-Commerce Applications.




I hope it’s gangnamstyle.me

Forming a new startup and need an iOS developer to partner with and join me on this new, exciting venture. This startup will be the next “big thing” in social media, creating a new way for users to connect with one another, essentially creating its own niche among facebook, twitter and foursquare.

If interested please contact the information below.




100,000 ways to say I have not heard of Crowdrise or Causes

"Dear Coders,

Last summer, I did research on elephants in a Thai village. There was a flood this week that devastated the village, and if they don’t raise enough money soon, some of the few remaining elephants on earth (they’re nearly extinct) will die.

I have an idea for a simple website that can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. It will only take a few hours to code. If you are interested in helping, this can really jumpstart your career as a coder since the website will be highly publicized in my research paper, which will be read by hundreds of thousands of people.

Please contact me ASAP if you’d like to help.

Thank you,

Note: Crowdrise / Causes

As the product fails, time commitment will decrease.


We are two Wharton MBA students seeking to launch a web startup this semester to that end, we are looking for talented programmers who are interested in joining  our team as soon as possible. Despite the somewhat formal nature of this message, we are fun, sociable people who want to have a pleasant working environment as we will be spending a fair amount of time together. We would love to talk further with you this week if you are interested: our goal is to close recruiting by the end of this month and launch by the end of the quarter.

Commitment: We are targeting several hours a week on average from all parties involved. Prior to launch, the time commitment will likely be higher but will decrease later on. We are results driven so exact work schedules can be flexible. There is a potential for this opportunity to extend into the summer or next year as well, depending on the venture's success. Next steps: If you are interested, please respond on pennlaunch or email me at the following address with times that you are free to meet this weekend or next week: XXX We would be happy to discuss concept and execution details further but will require signing a confidentiality agreement first.

Many thanks, XXX XXX

We don’t want a developer, we want a GOD!

_________ is a startup marketing company that seeks to use web
technology to help us all have a greater impact in our home communities.
We live at the intersection of branding, sustainability, social purpose,
and technology. 

We’re looking for a superstar developer/programmer/coder to help create
a web application that utilizes Google, Twitter, and Facebook APIs to
combine social networking with information tracking and database management.

This superstar is:

• Strongly experienced building scalable and maintainable code in LAMP
or an equivalent environment (Ruby on Rails, etc.).

• Intensely interested in creating real and measurable value.

• A responsible, hard working and systematic person that gets joy out of
their work.

 A gifted database architect that can apply creative solutions with
real world applications.

• An incredibly gifted programmer that gets work done twice as fast and
three times cleaner than their peers.

• Brilliant and big-hearted.

• A hands-on implementer, but has the patience to create great spec.

I’d love to help, but I’m not taking The Right Codes until the Spring.

Dear ________, 

My name is ___________ and I am currently a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences here at Penn. I have recently become involved in co-founding a very exciting start up company that is set to launch at Penn in the upcoming Spring Semester: an online service that we believe Penn Students (and eventually students across the country) would benefit immensely from and a business venture that will be largely successful within a few months of its launch.

I am e-mailing you because we recently finalized all of the ideas and mechanisms for moving forward with this venture and we are now at the stage of looking for a student (Graduate or Undergraduate; preferably a Penn student) who can code the website and become part of our start up team in the upcoming fall semester. This student needs to be an expert at HTML and proficient at Java. Essentially, the description for the job is as simple as this: the student needs to be familiar enough with the right codes to establish a website that resembles any other complex social networking systems that are widely used today. The student needs to be aware that this will be no easy task, and that time input into this project will be necessary; however the rewards for doing so will be enormous, as we are willing to provide equity in the venture in exchange for these services. Details for this venture must remain undisclosed for the time being; however, students who apply will receive more information about this Start Up during the interview process.  

As a the _______________ I was hoping that you could forward this to all of your engineering student e-mail lists in which you believe students may have the qualifications or capabilities of performing this task or would be interested in joining this venture. For any students that are interested in applying for the position, please tell them to send a resume and a short e-mail description of their qualifications to ___________. Again, because of the high rewards associated with this venture I am sure there will be substantial interest in this position, so anyone who is interested needs to contact me ASAP. We are looking to fill the position by the end of the month at the LATEST. If any student has any questions or concerns please tell them to e-mail me or call me at ___________

Thank you for all you help!



I offer you no details on anything, but I worked at Bain so it must be a good idea.

Summer Internship for Web Development/Programming with a local start-up. 

Please see details offered below by one of the company’s founders, Matthew xxxxxxx, and visit PennLink (ID xxxxxxxxxxxx) to apply.


I am launching a new business this summer and am looking to bring on to the team (at least) one web developer / programmer. 
Who we are:  I am a first year MBA student at Wharton. I and one of my classmates are working to start a web-based company here in Philadelphia. We will be targeting small and medium sized companies, aiming to save them money to be able to better compete with large businesses.  Our plan is to launch locally, but to build a platform that can be leveraged at the national or international level.   Both founders have strategy consulting (at Bain and BCG) experience working in the US and Latin America across a broad array of industries. 

Who we are looking for:  Web developers / programmers in the Penn community.  We need hard-working and creative individuals to help us design, develop, program and launch a beta version of our website.  We are looking for students willing to work either part or full time this summer that will ideally be based in the Philadelphia area for the summer.

What we have to offer:  Aside from being able to offer an exciting, early stage start-up working environment we are committed to knowledge sharing across our team.  We want to be involved in the technical side of the business and intend to include more technical team members in the business side as well.  Financial compensation is negotiable, but we ideally will align incentives via some sort of equity-sharing model.

If you’re interested, please visit our post on PennLink, ID xxxxx, to apply.

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"Horny engineers, please apply" — Job posting found on PennLink, Penn’s official on-campus recruiting website, and uncovered by campus blog Under the Button.

"Horny engineers, please apply" — Job posting found on PennLink, Penn’s official on-campus recruiting website, and uncovered by campus blog Under the Button.